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Carpet Guide

Offering endless possibilities for your home, carpeting is a comfort many of us refuse to live without. Right now there are hundreds of ways to enjoy new carpeting in ultimate style and function. At Carpet One Floor & Home of Wilmington, NC, we’re proud to be your top carpeting destination and can help you narrow down your options.

With a wealth of leading carpet brands, including LEES, Innovia, and Tigressa under our roof, let’s work together soon to determine some serious soft-surface flooring solutions to rise above all types of everyday challenges.

What are the Different Types of Carpeting?

Carpet fibers aren’t all created equally, so gaining ample understanding of the different types of carpet pile will help you decide on your best flooring options. Carpet pile can be made from both natural and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers, like wool, leave a smaller carbon footprint and are organically engineered for warmth, moisture-resistance, and density. Synthetic fibers, like polyester and nylon, are manufactured for ultra-resilience and softness. Both fiber families can be used within carpets of various construction types, such as level loop, frieze, patterned, textured, and plush.

Stain-Resistant Carpet Flooring

Finding a beautiful carpet that works with your lifestyle can be challenging, especially if you have young children or pets. While there has yet to be a completely stain-proof carpet developed, stain resistant products are incredibly effective. This type of technology provides a protective barrier that prevents spills from sinking into the carpet fibres and permanently staining them. Stain treatments usually complement the natural ability of many fiber types, such as polyester, triexta, and olefin, to repel certain types of stains. The treatment may coat the carpet or be built into the fibers so that it’s less likely to wear off over time.

We carry stain-resistant carpets that work well enough that you can clean up most spills with just water. We also have a variety of carpet styles that are designed to disguise blemishes, dust, debris, and pet fur between cleanings. This includes multi-tonal carpets with specific patterns, textures, and colors. Additionally, we have waterproof carpets, which have an industrial backing that keeps spills and pet accidents from sinking below the floor and damaging your carpet pad and subfloor.

Wool Carpeting

Eco-friendly and beautiful, wool carpet has been used for hundreds of years, but modern innovation has certainly changed things for the better. Wool carpeting remains one of the sturdiest natural fibers around and is still considered a far better option than certain synthetic carpets. We offer up a wide variety of wool carpeting, including stunning selections made by Karastan. Karastan has been producing some of the industry’s most distinct woolen carpets for nearly a century, offering machine-made with all the subtle nuances of a hand-woven rug. Wool carpeting is soft, luxurious, and seriously sustainable, making it a wonderful addition to many interior settings. Wool carpet fibers are equipped with a natural crimp that keeps the carpet crush-resistant. Wool is also flame-resistant and helps add insulation to your space.

Where Can Carpeting Be Installed?

With the exceptions of kitchens or bathrooms, carpeting is meant to be enjoyed in every room of your home. There are dense, sturdy synthetics that are tough enough to take on active spaces like hallways or stairs, as well as plush, velvety plush carpets meant to entice the senses in a formal living room or a master bedroom. These are just a few of many examples. Our team of helpful carpeting experts are here to help you meet your match.

Prevent Carpet Fading

You can add years to the life of your carpet with proper care and maintenance. One of the main reasons why carpet needs to be replaced is because it has faded with age. Sunlight is one of the main contributors to carpet fading. You can help to keep your carpet looking new by drawing the blinds or using curtains to decrease sun exposure during the day. This is especially important in south or east-facing rooms that receive strong sunlight exposure. Also, you can add protection to your floor. Some carpet stores offer a spray-on application that will help to block UV rays. The application becomes less effective over time, so with each professional carpet cleaning, have the protection reapplied.

Wearing shoes or eating on the carpet does not inherently cause fading, but stains from mud or food mean that you'll need to occasionally scrub out dirty spots. Common cleaners have chemicals that can affect the color of your carpet. After several years of cleaning occasional marks, the carpet can begin to look faded. Also, you should encourage family members to wear socks. Lotions, medicated creams, and other foot applications can have a fading effect. You can also prevent fading by using gentle carpet cleaning methods on a regular basis. Vacuuming can prevent fading from ground-in dirt and dust.

Our Carpet Selection

Carpet One Floor & Home of Wilmington is proud to be affiliated with the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative. With our incredible purchasing power, great value, and friendly services, let us assist you in ensuring every project is completed to perfection. To learn more about your carpeting choices, or to browse our latest product displays, please visit us soon at 5560 Oleander Drive in Wilmington, NC or call us today at (910) 338-1917.

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